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Refinishing Outdoor Basketball Court

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Good evening everyone!

We have a basketball court that we had put into our backyard about 15 years ago. We’re looking to refinish it as we’re all stuck at home. I’m familiar with painting concrete but wondered if anyone had any input on patching the cracks that are seen in those photo. There are two major ones along the X and Y axis, and some small ones that branch off. Also, we seem to form a bit of water towards the upper left hand side of the court, is this normal as there’s no slope in the concrete, or is this something I can repair by leveling out that section with the surrounding concrete? Also, in this previous setup their was no type of finishing coat, like a clear epoxy, is this something that could be done, or would this end up getting ruined easily with heat and rain?

Thank you for looking 🙂


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Since it looks like California, a leveler could work for the low spot. But that's not just painted, isn't the surface an acrylic coating with sand texture? If so, and you want it done right, the pros would want to resurface the entire thing.
can't see the cracks - got better pics ? typical repair is diamond grind w/v-blade & fill w/sand-filled flexible epoxy then coat to protect epoxy

birdbath area - diamond grind the coating & level w/polymer-modified cement - this works in every continental us state - even alaska & hawaii,,, self-leveling materials aren't recommended for exterior use or ANY final floor surface

NEVER use epoxy coatings outdoors
If that is an acrylic coating, then you would use an acrylic sand-based leveller which you squeegee over the low spot. Then it would have another 1 or 2 coats of acrylic surfacer, then you would have to recast the entire court again with the acrylic finish color + texture.
' acrylic coating ' - ' acrylic sand-based leveler ' ? ? ? how to prep ? ? ? any particular product recommendation(s) ? ? ? diy-er's usually shop at apron/vest stores

depending on size of the birdbath, we'd use a long enough screed for leveling: eg, 3' width = 4' 2x4,,, shrinkage becomes an issue hence extending w/3/8" aggregate,,, you may need to coat 2x

when you're all done, then maybe resurface the whole thing
If it's just paint then you'd have to follow stadry's advice on grinding and trowel the patch of the birdbath. I personally haven't had success with spot patches with freezing because you can't feather it out thin enough with the potmarks/broom finish of outdoor concrete (non-power trowel finishes) and the edges bust off especially with high foot traffic. If it's the entire slab then I find more success. A paint cover on the edge of a patch without freezing I'm just guessing might be enough protection.

It looks like acrylic coat though from the cake frosting down by the pavers. You don't have to remove it then, after power washing you can just add the acrylic leveller (using that word to group "resurfacer," "binder," and "patch" together, but depending on depth and which coat you'll choose one or two). Some products have sand others you have to add. It's real soupy, you can use a stiff driveway squeegee to spread it, maybe even tape protect a long level and use that. The topcoats would be a resurfacer to feather the patch out more and fill inconsistencies as needed.

Home Dep does sell some products for DIY, I know Menardz here in midwest you can get striping paint too:

The cracks just depends on how wide, can only see the one from the pics. If they are just thin shrinkage cracks, some of the acrylic levellers are rated for those. Wider cracks may require an acrylic elastomeric or even troweled patch depending on width. Any grinding of the cracks would also depend on if the edges are chipping. Then after fill you would coat these areas as you did the birdbath.

These products are not pigmented with color which is why they would recast the entire surface after repairs. As far as an acrylic clearcoat I haven't seen those used on the jobs I was privy to, so don't know how they hold up.
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thanks, 3
'just paint' or acrylics - neither makes any difference to us when we repair,,, the mtls i mentioned are featherable - think the difference may be suppliers - we generally don't use apron/vest for other than bagg'd conc & pvc pipe
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