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refinishing hardwood floors that have particle board over them

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I bought a house that has hardwood floors throughout but the previous owner used ring nails and put particle board over the top of it as a subfloor and laid carpet. What is the best way to take up the particle board with as little damage to the hardwood floor as possible? I am doing all the work myself (family members know how to do it but won't help) and I really don't know what I'm doing.
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the ring shanks are gonna be a bear. get some pry bars and tear up the plywood. you could set a skilsaw and cut some sections for easier removal instead of trying to get the whole 4x8 sheet up at once. Just make sure the skilsaw blade is set a bit shallower than the thickness of the plywood- you dont want to accidently cut into the hardwood.

By splitting the plywood out this will still leave the ringshank nails, but at least the head will be up a bit (the thickness of the plywood)

now use your prybar and a scrap of wood to pull the nails.

Once that is all done it is time to sand the floors.. You have a lot of work to do. hopefully it isnt to big of an area. And SHAME on your family members not to offer a hand
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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