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ref. ice maker

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What is wrong with a ref. ice maker when you hear it trying to dump ice but not water is going into ice maker to make ice?
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Probably the three most likely things are:

1. The water is off, or the water line has become crushed or kinked.

2. The tube that feeds water into the ice maker is frozen.

3. The water valve has failed. On most icemaker fridges, the water valve is somewhere near the bottom of the fridge, in the back.
One more thing to check is if your using a saddle valve on the supply line, they plug up and leak all the time.
Get rid if it before it does damage.
Ice maker arm in the up lock position or if its just the cubes wont eject could be the heater on the bottom of the i/m is open and the heat wont come on to release the cubes.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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