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Rectangualr, Three Pin Plug in Baseboard - Purpose?

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I have often wondered over the last 20 years what these connectors are for in my baseboards. It is a 1956 ranch in the Detroit area. The basement ceiling is finished with interlocking tiles, so ripping it down to trace the wires was never a desired option.

There is what looks to be about 18 gauge stranded lamp cord or speaker wire connected to the screw terminals on the back. This one came from the dining area of the living room. There was a second one about 8 feet away on the same wall, which is directly under the only phone jack that was in the house. There are also a couple in the bedrooms.

Were these old style phone connections? 1950s surround sound wiring?


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Phone were 4 wire in a square.

It looks like an old TV antenna plug.
Yep, those were tv antenna plugs.
Mystery solved. Thanks. It does seem strange that they had two installed on the same wall in the dining area.
1950s surround sound wiring ?
That's a good one - I really enjoyed that.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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