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Recommendations for 3-hole Kitchen Faucet Brands

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Can anybody recommend a kitchen faucet maker brand that makes stuff that isn't tinfoil covered plastic crap that leaks as soon as it is installed? The stuff in the box stores is usually mounted up in a display where I can't get a look at it and it is a total crapshoot as to what will come out of the box.

I've got a standard three-hole faucet with separate sprayer setup in a stainless steel sink. Basically just want a solid faucet, all metal, none of this plastic garbage. I am tired of replacing the damn thing every two years.

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I have a moen gooseneck kitchen sink faucet over 10 years old still going strong. only had to replace the cartdrige and moen sent me one at no charge. most used faucet in the house. Great company, great product imo.
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