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I am looking for a recommendation on a good book I can use as instruction and reference for installing a small furnace and duct work.

I've got a 2bedroom 800sqrft. house in the San Francisco Bay area. There is a partial basement with plenty of crawl space under the rest of the house. We removed the old floor furnace and want to put in a small forced air with ductwork. I picked up a gas Bryant 50K BTU furnace 311JAV.

I spent a couple years in highschool as a HVAC "go-for." So I've assembled ducts and airhandlers in the past. What I don't know is any of the theory.
eg. How many ducts and of what size can I put off the airhandler furnace. How big does the gas exhaust pipe need to be? Any of the theory behind placement of vents in a room?

I'm sure I'll be back with plenty more specific questions.

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