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Reclaim refrigerant when lowering blower speed ?

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Hi, I just had some work done to reduce humidity in my home, and the tech lowered the blower speed (under the house) on the hvac unit, and also took some refrigerant out of the outside unit.
Is it normal to reclaim refrigerant when just changing the speed ?
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I don't think the 2 things were directly related. I think your refrigerant charge was probably overcharged to begin with.

I say this because slowing down the blower would make the refrigerant pressure lower. You usually wouldn't want to make it even lower than that by removing some of the refrigerant.

I agree with user_12345a that as long as the tech knew what they were doing and got everything adjusted as best as can be, then you are probably good.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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