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Could someone please let me know if I can run a total of 9 - 5" IC Halo Recessed Lights off a single dedicated 15 AMP Circuit? I plan on having having 3 lights per switch for total of 3 switches. I think that the light bulb is a BR30 which is 65 watts.

Also will I need to install an AFCI breaker for this? The circuit is pre-existing. What is everyone's thoughts on this new requirement? It will definetly add to the cost of any upgrade.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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You said the circuit is pre-existing, but also that it will be dedicated. Did you remove what was on the circuit?

In any case, 65 watts x 9 = 585 watts
585 Watts / 120 = ~5 amps

You should be fine.

I don't think you need to add an afci breaker to an existing circuit. I could be wrong on that.

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The circuit size is based off the maximum bulb size that can be used in that fixture, not the installed bulb size.

IMO you are modifying the circuit and that would trigger the AFCI requirement.
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