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Recessed Lighting

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I need to move a recessed ceiling light as it is not in the center of my shower. I'm done letting my contractor explain to me why his center is not the center. What is the minimum distance the light can be from the ceiling stud?

Also, my contractor left the plain wall board ceiling in place (converting a small bedroom to a master bath). Is that okay? Should it be green board instead? Should I have it tiled over, thus concrete board?

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Sometime the center is also the center of a ceiling joist.
The best you can do in that situation is mount it as close to the joist as possible
Never heard of tiling a ceiling!
Can lights can go as close to ceiling "studs" as you can get them. Remember that if they will be in contact with insulation the cans need to be IC rated.
I have seen bathroom shower ceilings tiled
I haven't tried it myself
Sheetrock can remain so long as it is sealed properly for tile work
There's a few ways to do this (Denguard (sp?) - is a paint on application)
Is the whole shower already tiled?
densgaurd is a backer board made by goergia pacific. Redgaurd is a paintable waterproofer sold at home depot. Kerdi is also another way to waterproof. I would do some homework on what needs to be done in order to tile the ceiling. I know that the ceiling should be sloped and sealed for moisture reasons.
If it is a steam shower, these need special consideration, waterproofing, sloped ceiling, etc. Make sure the fixture is rated for wet locations. It isn't required to be GFCI covered unless your local inspector says so. I would ask. It could be harder to change later.
Green board is no longer accepted in wet locations. Be safe, GBAR
If there's a joist in the way, it can be "header" it off to allow the light to be centered. Regular drywall is fine on your ceiling with the proper paint. If you're worried about it, after the re-framing is done, add a layer of Dens Armor or a similar product over the top of what's there. No need for tile unless you want it.....
If it is a ceiling joist it can be headered off but if it is a truss you can not cut it or alter it in any way from what I understand.
Good point. I wouldn't say you "can not cut it or alter it in any way", but you would need to get advice from a truss manufacturer or an engineer for the proper way to go about it to ensure the structural integrity of the joist....
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