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recessed lighting

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How do you open outside recess lighting fixtures to chage bulb?

I have several outdoor recessed lighting fixtures on my building that need the bulbs replaced.

I googled how to do it. It said they are spring loaded and should just pop down enough so you can change the bulb.

However when I tried to do this - they do not seem that easy to pop off. I used a flatip screwdriver to try to get a hold of enough metal to pop it open - but no luck.

Is there an easy trick here. Any suggestion or weblinks would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.
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That should be all there is to it unless someone used caulking around it for some silly reason.
Got a picture?
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no picture yet. just a outside round recess light on ceiling under walk path where we park our vehicles. I'll try again.

I watched a youtube video of someone changing a bulb in a round recessed lighting fixture just like the one I have - he made it look so easy.

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