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Recessed lighting trim interchangability?

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About a year ago I installed Utilitech recessed light cans in my basement. It's a slow moving project that I'm only just finishing now-the drywall, paint, and trim is done, and it's time to install the trim on the lights which I didn't buy at the time. I went to Lowes today to pick them up and was told that Lowes is phasing out Utilitech completely and they do not have the trims in stock anymore. Will the Juno/Halo trims fit? Is there some kind of "universal" trim? I'm not even looking for the baffled trims, just the simple rings that hide the edge of the can/the hole in the drywall.
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Personally, I would not have purchased a "big box knock-off" can to begin with.
This is only one of the problems you can run into with them.
Thanks for the tip on the Halo trims, I'll pick some up this week. As for the "big box knock-off" cans, let's not pretend that they're not all made in the same Chinese factory and simply put into different boxes at the end of the assembly line :laughing:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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