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Recessed Cans

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The lights on my front porch are recessed cans, similar to this:

They take a regular indoor floodlight bulb and are uncovered. I get aggravated because wasps love to make nests up inside the cans, along with dirt daubers, birds, etc. The trim around the lights is also starting to rust and look bad. I thought about replacing them with a trim with a cover, such as what might be used inside a shower. Is this feasible, or does it involve changing the whole fixture?
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If you use the shower trim, it reduces the wattage of the lamp.
Some as low as 40 watts.
That's fine with me, if I do change the trim, I will probably use CFLs.
Use the LED trims. If you use an enclosed shower type trim, you are limited to a 60W A19 lamp (in most cases). The lamp combined with the trim will produce significantly less light.
That's interesting. I'll consider that, too.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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