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Receptacle placement?

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Getting ready to do our backsplash and I though maybe we should move the receptacles a little. I am most likely going to replace them with black decora type plates and receptacles, but this shows the locations.
Any comments as to the best way... or reasons not to do it each way?
1) The way they were installed in the first place
2) Rotated horizontal to match the tile
3) Rotated and lowered to hide them a little, and any cables plugged in
4) Rotated, lowered, and centered on the cabinets. (the other way is also equal distances from the stove.

(no, tile is not in yet.)
What I know is that it will be too late to change it once it is done...(like maybe you want to see the receptacle to make sure something is unplugged with out walking to it??? and I cannot think of everything... so thanks for any comments.


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Meh. You will be doing this mostly to suit your aesthetic and visual requirements. Don't recall the last time I saw them bilaterally symmetrical on a backsplash. Same height...yet. Centered, no.

I, personally, don't like them horizontal or that far down. That is just me.

Are you sure the juice is worth the squeeze here in terms of additional work?
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I like the top picture. I don't like them horizontal, or so low that anything on the countertop has to be moved to find them, or so high that you have to bend over to find them under the upper cabinets. To my eyes, the top one is the only one that looks right, the others look like mistakes.
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It is personal preference. I always install a double device in the kitchen.
Thanks all,
To my surprise, most like the original... which is less work... requires more tile cuts, but no wall patching.

It is personal preference. I always install a double device in the kitchen.
What do you mean "Double Devices?
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