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Rebuild of Exterior Entranceway

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Hey gang. So, I'm looking to redo the entrance way to my apartment for my landlord. I have a few questions in regards to some procedural tasks which this endeavor may entail. For now I will start with just a few things to get the ball rolling. I am mostly looking for advice.

I will likely rebuild this in a design mimicking the existing build (save for whatever code requirements the current one does not meet). The gable end/overhang will likely stay but will need to be jacked to level as it has sagged a bit.

I am thinking that after everything is removed and dig-safe approved I will pour footings and likely pour a new cement walkway as to ensure I have a level finished floor to work off of for the stringers.

A few things that I am unsure about would be:

How I would appropriately tie in the posts from the ground to the deck

How to properly affix and flash the ledger for the landing against the house (it has metal siding which I assume would need to be cut out in order to fit the proper ledger.

What would be the best way to affix my support posts between the landing and the gable end / overhang?

Depending on the code for my area I am thinking just using 4 x 4 posts from the ground to the deck and wondering if 6 x 6 posts are overkill for the gable end support or if they might be deemed necessary for however I wish to add my railings.

I attached some photos for you consideration.


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