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Ready to tile?

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First off thanks to everyone who replied to my other thread on kitchen tiling. Now that i have a better idea on the process i want to list what i plan to do and see if im understanding everything correctly.

I plan on removing the plywood underlayment and lay down cement board. I picked this method over the ditra cuz of price and simplicity. Someone recommended using 1/4 cement board. Since i dont know the thickness or grade of the plywood subfloor, is there any drawback going with 1/2 instead? I would assume no if theres enough of clearance for the appliances. And its not in my case. Ive read that you can use unmodified or modified thinset under the cement board? White vs grey is not important for this. As for laying the tile, i think im going with a darker grout so i should probably go with the grey modified thinset? Im still deciding on the which thinset- too many to pick from so i am asking for some recommendations. I also picked up the LASH leveling clips to help with the lippage for the 12x24 tiles. My understanding is i should use a 1/2x1/2x1/2 notched trowel to spread the tile thinset and 1/4x1/4x1/4 to spread the thinset under the cementboard. I should also backbutter the each. Im close to both bigbox stores so if someone can recommended an appropriate thinset and provide feedback on the cementboard thickness i would greatly appreciate it! Feel free to correct anything that ive stated wrong too. Thanks!
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