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re: new 100 amp panel

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re: new 100 amp panel

Hi all,
I have a 100a service in an old fuse panel with several sub panels attached to it.

This week I am replacing the lot with a modern circuit breaker system.

I am interested to know, after the installation is done, and I have these several sub panels lying around, if they have any value (to sell), or am I better off giving it away to my electrician friend for future use?

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If they are the old screw in style fuse panels, I'd just toss them.
Chances are they aren't worth anything if they use fuses. Its possible someone may be able to use the parts to repair an old installation somewhere, but likely it isnt even worth it to fix a fuse panel (thinking like broken fuse socket). I can't see an electrician making actual electrical use out of these old panels, it would be on him if the work he did failed in some way.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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