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I'd like to bang:bangin::bangin: the person who last painted the trim in my house. A thick coat of latex over totally un-prepped painted surfaces. The house is old and the trim is pretty ornate so I don't really want to strip it. I got the old pocket doors working now and trying to prep the trim around the doors. When I hit it with sandpaper it just peels off:censored:. Try to feather the edges of the blob that came off and it just continues unrolling. Arghhhhhhhhhh:cry:
Mostly letting off steam, but if someone has a viable solution short of stipping I'm all ears.
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Well if it comes off easy with the sand paper, then just keep sanding it. It will be worht the effort to have a nice sound surface.

If it's peeling off, maybe it will peel off more easily if you heat it a bit. Try hitting a small area with a hair dryer set on high and see if it comes off more easily. Just something to try...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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