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Ralph Lauren Suede Technique Issues

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I am about to repaint over it all. I have followed the directions using the Snowdrift color, and I just don't see the suede finish. It just looks like a bad paint job - very splotchy. I didn't prime the walls, first, which may be a factor. I ended up putting two coats to get full coverage, then I've put a third using a 3" brush with the overlapping X technique.

Does anyone have any experience with this?
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Be sure to mix that stuff really well. I remember having trouble keeping the paint properly mixed when I used it. The texture in the paint settles fast, and if you don't stir it every few minutes to keep the texture suspended the finish can look blotchy.

Other than that, following the 'recommended technique' on the can worked ok for me. Hope that helps... :(
Third coat looks good

I ended up putting a third coat everywhere using the roller. It looks ok, but definately not like suede. My husband calls it very expensive flat paint. I like how the light is absorbed rather than reflected, though. And, I'm hoping the rough texture will train the kids to stop touching the walls. ;)

I'm not sure if I'd use it again, though. Maybe if it was a darker color . . . but I'm not sure where I'd go dark in my house.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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