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Just wanted to bounce an idea off everyone.

I am replacing two straight stair treads. The current treads were flush with the risers :huh: and not the prettiest things once I got the carpet off. I need to raise them a bit, too, since the floor above was tiled (and thus raised from original) and I will be adding hardwood below (leaving that floor higher than the existing carpeting).

My idea is to cover the risers and existing tread fronts (painted 1/4-in plywood) and install hardwood treads (hickory) on top of the existing pine treads. Right now, there's some difference between the stair rise but doing that reduces the differences to ~1/4-in stair-to-stair.

I can get under them (full basement) so I was going to use wood screws from below. Thinking countersunk 1-1/2 #8 screws, six per tread.

To keep them from being squeaky, I was going to put 30# tar paper between the old and new treads.

My reasoning:
- someone can replace the treads at a later date without a bunch of hassle
- beating the old treads out looks too much like work (and unnecessary)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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