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Raising incoming powerline coming from utility pole

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I have an issue with a power line (coming from the utility pole to the service header on my house) running uncomfotably close to my rooftop deck. A Com Ed inspector told me that I could install an 11 foot 4x4 post on the corner of my deck with an "insulated bracket" at the top of the post, and then Com Ed could use that post to lift my incoming powerline above to about 10-11 feet above my deck. I have conducted quite a bit of research on my own and by calling various electrical supply houses and another electrician, but I have been unable to determine what type of "insulated bracket" I would need to install on the top of the post. I have spoken to the inspector on multiple occassions, and he is adamant that any electrical supply shop would carry such an "insulated bracket" for about $5.00. Anyone have any thoughts as to the type of "insulated bracket" that might be used for such a project?
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