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Raising ceiling and removing knee walls

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Hopefully this pictures will provide enough definition but this is like an A-frame /cape cod style house. It seems that these knee walls are not providing structural support since they are not under the 2x4 rafters. And in some cases not necessarily support the 2x4 ceiling joists either.

I’m considering raising the ceiling about 12 inches. I’m considering installing new 2x6’s that would attach to the rafters. 3/4 inch plywood connecting all the rafters and then remove the existing 2x4s.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

My intention is also to add a wall that will divide the room approximately 2/3 : 1/3 so the ceiling joists would have some additional support vs just hanging from the rafters.
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It sounds reasonable but these are really questions for an engineer,
I would have expected at least 2x8 rafters for strength and insulation.

Nails have real good shear load strength so don't count out the nee walls as being support or not, that is still an unknown what an engineer was thinking. The ceiling joists were just nailed too and there were doing what ever they do to support against wind or snow loads, what have you as well as the ceiling.

I would consult an engineer but this is what I would be looking for him to approve.

Sister 2x8 on the rafters and set at least a 2x8 floor joist on top of that. Then I would consider the insulation for the upper part too.


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Can’t see the pix.....but knee walls are often necessary for support of the overall roof system.
Can’t see the pix.....but knee walls are often necessary for support of the overall roof system.
Ron you can just copy the address that is there and paste it to your bar, what eve they call that bar. :wink2:
It looks like all the knee walls I can see are just "scabs" not doing anything. I'd just remove them, raise the ceiling with maybe even 2x4 members. Dividing wall also will carry no weight to speak of.
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