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Hi everyone,

I have a house built in the 60s here in Southern California San Fernando Valley. Temperature can get over 110 F some days. The house is raised foundation with wood floors installed over planks, see photo, in the bedrooms. Rest of the house has tiles installed over the same wood subfloor with hardiebacker.
I am planning to install engineered Ash wood floors 9/16 in x 7-1/2 in x 6 ft over the existing hardwood floor. Unfortunately the existing floor is not perfectly level.
I plan to install a 3/8" CDX plywood over the wood floor and then place roofing felt paper for moisture barrier. Every 3 ft between the felt paper rolls, I plan to apply multipurpose adhesive glue to the plywood. The engineered wood will then be stapled to the plywood with 1-1/4 in staples. So both glue and staples will be holding it down.
Now the two issues. First I left some of the boxes of engineered wood open in the weekend in one of the bedrooms that gets really hot. I wasn't home most of the day and it was probably around 90 F inside the room as I shut off the AC. I just checked today and noticed the engineered wood has buckled like 2 inches from the floor, see photo.
I wonder if I should let it acclimate at a high temperature? :vs_worry:
What temperature should the house be kept at to prevent cupping once installed?
Other question is about leveling. I don't want to use a leveling compound over the existing wood subfloor. I am planning to level with pieces of 1/8 in plywood and "play sand" over spots that are sinking. Is that OK too? :vs_worry:
I read somewhere that play sand works well in leveling the subfloor.
The floor is very squeaky at the moment. So I will be screwing the floor down to the joist.

Responses will be much appreciated. :smile:


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