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In our 1915 house, our diningroom is 11 inches lower than the rest of the first floor. As a result, the full-height unfinished basement beneath that room is 10" lower than the rest of the bsmt, so you crack your head all the time there.

Can I run new 2x10 joists (rated OK for the 14' span) over the dining room floor, tie them into the exterior wall framing somehow, then (gulp) cut away the old joists?

That way, I gain basement headroom and banish the annoying drop into the diningroom.

How to tie the new 2x10's in? Some kind of blocking to carry their load to the existing sill plate? Maybe leave a stub of the old joists to do that job?

I can't be the first to want to do this.... so why can't I find any tips or detail dwgs online?

Some house specs:
platform framed. Walls are rough-cut 2x4"s with lath and plaster (I don't mind cutting into this of course), diningroom floor joists are rough-cut 2x8". Above the diningroom is a 2nd story, then flat roof.

Any tips would be appreciated!:)
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