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Raise a door

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I have a door from my garage to my patio that I would like to raise. We recently removed the patio in order to install a deck. I would like to raise the door to be higher so the deck can be at a more convenient height. I have the space to add a step inside the door, but would rather not have to build a step down into the deck. I have space to go up about 6" if I still need the header, and slightly more if I can modify the header for this.

What would the best approach be for this? I would also like yo make it 36" instead of 32" if possible at this time. I have attached pictures for reference.


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ok, so it would be find to remove both top plate boards and have the rafters sit on top of the 2x6 header? I assume that's what your red outline is.

For building out the bottom, I assume I can just frame that like a normal wall to fill the gap?

Thanks for the help so far.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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