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Rain streaming into AC window unit

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The edge of the awning AND slope of the roof are funnelling water into my new AC unit and the base of the window. (I think that's why that whole AC wall had to be rebuilt a while ago cuz the wall rotted out, discovered when a tech was installing my last window unit brace that would not bite the wall from the outside.)

I peeked into the side AC air outlets one day and saw pools of water and algae. The AC company had to take it apart to clean it. The unit also gets windy tree debris inside it. Haven't used the AC since cleaning a couple weeks ago.

I'd like to keep the awning that's there cuz it matches the others. In the pic from inside looking out the window, you can see the dark tile, darkened by pummelled with rain runoff. That one is supposed to be as white as the two near it.

Is there a fix for this without it looking too awful when it's done?

Thank you from Tampa Bay where it pours when it rains.


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Okay on the gutter, but what about the edge of the awning? It's the awning edge that soaked the dark tile, and all that rain would've gone into the cabinet via the grate/screen on top of the cabinet. Thank you.
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