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Rain-safe ceiling fans

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What do I need to look for to find a ceiling fan that will be safe (and will survive) in a rainy spot? I'm looking for something to be used similarly to the one in this picture:

We have a very similar wood lattice patio cover that we'd like a fan in. I've seen "damp rated" ceiling fans, but I'm not clear on whether these are ok in an installation like this, where rain may come almost directly down on it from the top, or if they're just intended for patios, decks and overhangs where they may get splashed but wouldn't be rained on directly.

Is any "damp rated" fan ok, or is there some other rating or specification I need to look for?
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By the way, I'm in a dry area, we don't get much rain at all, so this isn't going to be constantly subjected to water. But obviously it needs to be safe for the rare day when it does rain...
Damp rated is for something like a covered porch, you need a wet rated fan. Your selection will be less than the indoor fans, but most mfgs do make a number of wet rated fans.

Any store with a decent selection should be able to show you what they have or can order in an outdoor wet rated fan.
I just Googled "wet location ceiling fans" and dozens of sites came up.
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