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Rain-proofing a turbine roof vent ?

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Hi all,

We have 2x turbine vents in the roof of a warehouse, and with recent rains we noticed a fair amount of rain making its way through the openings and landing on our floor and equipment inside the building. It's kind of interesting, you can tell what direction the wind was blowing that day by whether the wet spot is offset a few feet in one direction or another, since it blows in at an angle!

Anyway -- I've been doing some online searching for a few days but cannot find a good solution for rain-proofing this. I initially wanted to just put a tarp over the thing for the winter, but I don't want to violate any potential building codes that require ventilation.

Next thought was replacing the turbine vent with a simple capped vent, but I am not finding anything that seems intended for general purpose ventilation and water-proofing.

So here I am hoping to find some informed opinions from people on what may be a simple or standard option I am missing, for rain-proofing a 18" vent on a flat roof.
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Hi Andy,
I can give you a welcome, but being the holidays the many who respond may take awhile. Tell us where your are, as for climate, and what purpose the venting is performing. Is it to vent excess heat or remove moisture to avoid winter condensation?

Needs pics of the turbines from the roof.
I was not successful in finding the exact directional vent I was looking for but this one is of the same principle.
Hi all -- thanks for the responses ! To answer your questions:

1. Please see attached for two pictures of the vents. One a closeup, another picture showing both on roof.

2. Location is San Mateo, California. We're starting to get healthy rain after our several years of no-rain drought.

3. Our landlord says the vents are "required by code" to allow air to exhaust in the event that a car is turned on inside the warehouse. But we have no intention of bringing a car inside the warehouse, haha.

I have yet to find what code he's referring to, to determine what ventilation requirements (if any) are really required for general purpose warehouse spaces.

So to play it safe, I would prefer to keep some ventilation (instead of just putting tarp over them for the winter, like I mentioned). But the rain intrusion issue is not acceptable and we need to do something about it asap.


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Probably gonna need to build vented enclosures around them.
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