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Rain leaking thru soffits - why?

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I had my roof reshingled 4 years ago. Last year I had to replace all the wooden soffit and fascia as it had rotted in places. Now it is leaking between the seams of the soffit. Any ideas why?

I don't think the drip edge was installed all the way around. Will that fix the problem or is it something else?
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Check to make sure the downspouts are not plugged with roots and dirt. Get someone to take a garden hose to the downspout and turn the hose on. And "make sure" U SEE where it is coming out at the bottom. Depending on the rain event "Amount of rain during a given time period" Gutter, partial clogged or smaller. Gutter can do spill over. We do not see this because we are inside most of the time.
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