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Rafter Tails?

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I have several rafters that have some rot at the very ends of them. (is this called the rafter tail?). It's only about 2-4" on about 6 of them from a failing California gutter system. What can I do to repair them? Can a sister them up to where they enter the wall deck? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Dry rot is caused an organism that needs to be killed/removed. Remove as much damaged wood as possible, (Wire brush will remove most of it if it's not bad.) Cut it out if it's more extensive. Then treat with a boric acid solution. Repair with an epoxy wood filler or sister/replace as necessary. (Bondo will also work well instead of an epoxy wood filler in this application)
The use of bondo or epoxy seems to be more of a cosmetic fix. Sistering will promote structural integrity.
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