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Rafter split at ridge

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Rafter is split at point it attaches to ridge beam. I was thinking of sistering 2x 2x6 to eazch side with glue and deck screws. But I am unclear on what to do with the attachement point.

Photos to follow with my specific questions:
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If I attach 3' of 2x6 on each side, do I connect the sister boards to the ridge beam? And if so with brackets? Is screwing into the ridge beam a bad idea?

Any guidance is welcome... I am having trouble with the photos I will try again.
fwiw- this is attached to a ridge board rather than a ridge beam. If that makes a difference in your opinions on how to fix this or the urgency in doing so.
its not insects, its the only rafter in the attic with an issue. I think it was a bad piece of wood or maybe a blow to the roof. It is close to a roof vent, so perhaps moisture was an issue. I don't know.

So why don't you think sistering will work?
The damaged end extends about 2' from the tip at the ridge back. Not very much. The other 10' or whatever back to the wall/soffit area is fine. The plan was to sandwich it with 2 boards.
1 - 6 of 9 Posts
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