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I have 5 radiators 4 of them work perfectly and one of them just gets warm but if I turn the other 4 off it goes hot, I have bled the radiator so water is coming out of it but this hasnt solved the problem, any ideas please
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What is the pressure on the boiler gauge, and is this rad on a higher level then the others. Was the circulator changed out, and then this started to happen?
How long has it done this? Is the home very long, or short. Post brand and model number of your circulator.
Probably not piped up right. You can probably get a way with just getting a higher rated circulator.
there was a larger radiator there previously but this was changed when we had the conservatory built, the radiator has been working perfectly for 18 months up until recently

Check the amp draw of the circ while its running, and see if its drawing more then its FLA rating.

Could someone have turned the valve closed tightly, and then reopened it. If so, sometimes the valves don't actually reopen from being over tightened.

Is this a mono flow system, or a 2 pipe system.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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