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Radiant Heat Vacation Mode

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Daughter and son-in-law just purchased a home and it has a oil fired boiler that provides radiant heat and hot water for the home. Son-in-law deployed and the system is in waht the previous owner (85 year old widow whose husband took care of all of the home chores) has no idea of hopw to take the boiler off of the vacation mode and put it back in a normal mode (all beyond my knowledge level). Anyone have a clue before we call a conrtator in?
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if the stat has sleep/wake/leave/return settings it just higher temperature adjustments to correspond to the new owners day/night
Radiant Heat

Thank you, I suspected the "T" Stat was involved, will check that out.
Could be a Buderus, if it is, the boilers control has the vacation mode. Look to see what brand boiler it is.
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