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quotes for a new system

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Here's what I got to replace my 26 year old system:

Quote 1
RGPS-07NAMGR 75k btu single stage upflow heater
RCFL-HM3824CC 410A evap coil
13AJM42A01 cooling unit
RHC-TST213UNMS t-stat


Quote 2
RCFM-HM4821CC coil
RARL036JEZ 2 stage condesor
RGPE-07NBRQR variable speed furnace
RHC-TST304UNMS t-stat


Both quotes include replacing all ductwork, new flue pipe, new whip and disconnect, enlarge return plenum. Are these quotes reasonable and is the equipment properly matched? No manual J calculation unless I sign a contract. House is 1,900sf in Pasadena, CA area. Thanks.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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