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HVAC pro's,

Thanks in advance for taking the time to share your valuable experience.

I live in San Jose, CA in a 2250 sf single story home.
We have an old Rheem furnace (w/pilot light), and our winter PG&E bills approach $500 while our summer bills are $125. We don't have a/c and aren't planning on getting it.

We recently received a quote for a new Trane 2T XR95 model which will be relocated to the attic for $6,700 (before rebates). The attic has about 4-5 feet of head room. The quote included new Silver Mylar ductwork because the current ductwork is falling apart.

#1 It rarely gets much below freezing around here and not for long, so I am not sure if there is much benefit in getting the XV95 instead of the quoted XR95.
#2 Is that enough room to install a furnace in the attic?
#3 Does the quote seem reasonable? It seems high to me.
#4 Is this Silver Mylar (an upgrade) worth getting?

Thanks again,
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