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quick question just need some help please.

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i moved into an apartment and when my first roommate there was no problems with the door... but now that the second one is here, the door to her room makes an extremely loud noise when it opens... it sounds like if two things are stuck and then come apart... i looked at it the other day and the paint is somewhat coming off on the insides. the noise is really loud and its not a creak or anything its sudden and abrupt... well she smokes pot indoors but i tell her she must keep the window open... but im thinking that the smoke is the cause of this? if so can you explain why so that way i have some proof? and if its not the smoke what can it be? im tired of waking up 5 times every night because of her door :laughing:
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Rub a white candle wax on the door edge and the frame. It should stop making the noise. It probably has nothing to do with the smoke and is most likely moisture that is causing the door and frame to swell just a little.

The only way it could be the pot is if there's a joint stuck in the door jamb. Check the entire jamb and door where it closes and look for abrasion. It may have been recently painted or expanded with changes in the weather. You could use a candle as suggested, just about any lubricant, or even talc.

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