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Questions for Doc Holiday

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Hi Doc. I've read your many posts regarding Rheem Mods and since you are the man, I have a few questions for you.

I'm thinking about DIYing adding a humidistat to enable DOD on my RGFD furnace.

1) Regarding the (sort of reddish-purple) tab on the control board which must be removed to enable DOD, can one simply grab it with needle-nose pliers and gently pull straight back?

2) What if any affect, does the h-stat have on blower speed in heating? Is it necessary to turn the stat to off, which I assume would keep the circuit closed?

3) If down the road, I wanted to remove the h-stat, would installing a jumper between R and DEHUM restore the board to its original function?

I currently don't have a humidifier, so would be wiring h-stat to R/DEHUM.

Thanks for your input.

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A humidistat connected for DOD only has an effect on blower speed in cooling/dehumidifing mode, no effect in heat mode.
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