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Newbie here grateful for any help :)

I just bought a house with a tired 30 yr old AC compressor / furnace / blower and am having some trouble (as one might imagine).

Of course it all needs to be replaced but I'd like to try and get one last season out of it before replacing it.

First question...I've noticed the built in crown a40 autoflow manual humidifier is sweating badly as is the "cold" line.

I want the house as dry as possible and can't figure out how to turn the humidifier off...and am wondering if a humidifier can also act as a de-humidifier. The control settings for the A40 indicate settings from A - E + a DRY setting with a chart suggesting E for "+20" temp and A for "-20" temp.

Any thoughts or advice?


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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