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Questions about creaking wood floor

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I installed 1/2" engineered hardwood several months ago using a Powernail 2000, cleats every 6 inches. It didn't take long for the joints to start making noise, sometimes it's like walking on bubble wrap.

I have tried some of the remedies found online such as powder graphite but no such luck. I had solid hardwood in my previous house and had similar issues but was able to quiet the squeaks by putting in screws from underneath. That does not seem to work very well with this flooring.

Does something like this lessen over time with a couple seasonal changes or is it likely to always be this way?

In hindsight, I should have spent the extra time and money and glued it down, but too late now :(
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Just came back to check this thread because I never got any notification that there were replies even though I always have instant email notification checked.

Anyways, there is no paper under the flooring. It was nailed directly to the subfloor with 1" nails through the tongue, so about 3/4" of the nail is in the subfloor.

It's 3/4" subfloor with I-joists on 16" spacing. The was no noise from the floor before installing the hardwood.

It's definitely the joints between the boards that are making the noise, they are very tight. Can't even get powder graphite to get in between them.
Unless you want to rip it all out, maybe eventually they'll wear against each other enough to loosen the joints and squeak less.
That is what I am hoping for with a couple season changes. Being that it's engineered there won't be nearly as much expansion in summer but maybe enough to break it in.
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