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Questions about and Use of Laminate Flooring

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Im in the process of repairing some "Hurricane IKE" damage to my double-wide mobile home, and have a few questions. As you may know, the exposed 'center joint' running the length of the house (60') where the 2 parts of the house (front and back) are joined together, are covered by carpet. Im wanting to use laminate flooring instead of carpet. The house floors are 3/4" plywood, water treated....NOT 'particle board'. Floor joist are 2X8 on 16" centers. When I remove the carpet, I will reinforce the plywood and joints with screws.
  • Will laminate flooring WORK?
  • Is the 'leveler' sufficient for this, or should I subfloor over the joint?
  • Is the 'cerimac tile design' laminate flooring good enough for kitchen floor use?
  • How will the laminate flooring hold up?
Billy G
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Ask for a written warranty on what you buy, and read and understand it all.
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