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These guys attached a pump for my condensate lines because the air handler is on the first floor and they had to run the lines through the second floor. There is a 60 amp breaker on the wall that they connected the handler into but also straight wired the pump which is 220 into the same breaker, double tapping the one breaker, Is this OK and can someone give me a crash course on amps and breakers
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Not suppose to do that on the breaker.

The condesate pump should have been connected by a plug.
Or, wired into the air hander.

What are your questions on breakers.
Im just not sure about what breakers work for what voltage. The 220v pump was run to a 60 amp breaker, and the inspector was saying that the breaker wouldn't work for that.
the higher the breaker the more volts it can run, Im just confused today.
Its not the volts.

60 amp breaker is to much for a 1 or 2 amp condensate pump.

The breaker mostly protects the wire. The wire from your condensate pump is not thick enough that it can be protected by a 60 amp breaker.

That pump should not be connected to a breaker rated more then 15 amps.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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