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Question on PRV replacement

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I have a Phyn Plus and it has been reporting erratic water pressure. I talked to Phyn support, and they said it is likely I have a bad PRV and it needs to be replaced. The house is only about 5 years old, so it's a little surprising, but they're probably right. I saw a video online about replacing a PRV, and it was very simple since they were able to just unscrew the two nuts and swap them out with no soldering. Below are two pictures of mine. The PRV has a short 2" piece attached to it, and then the nut at the end has a wire through it that is attached to the water meter. What would be the easiest way to do this swap?

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How did you determine the PRV is the culprit?
Do you have an expansion tank near your water heater? If it has failed, the symptoms could also be erratic high water pressure

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