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Question on PRV replacement

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I have a Phyn Plus and it has been reporting erratic water pressure. I talked to Phyn support, and they said it is likely I have a bad PRV and it needs to be replaced. The house is only about 5 years old, so it's a little surprising, but they're probably right. I saw a video online about replacing a PRV, and it was very simple since they were able to just unscrew the two nuts and swap them out with no soldering. Below are two pictures of mine. The PRV has a short 2" piece attached to it, and then the nut at the end has a wire through it that is attached to the water meter. What would be the easiest way to do this swap?

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Hm, didn't think of that. Although it looks like the repair kits are just as much if not more than a whole new PRV...

I've never worked on a PRV before, pretty straight forward? I'm a little extra cautious working on something critical like the main water supply to my house.
I called the water company and the PRV does not belong to them. They also said I could cut the wire if I wanted to, so I have the option of either replacing the whole valve (and that small 2" piece of pipe I assume) or just replacing the internals.
Yes there is an expansion tank near the water heater. I haven't identified the culprit as the PRV vs the expansion tank. It was just the recommendation from Phyn. Honestly I never have noticed any issues with the water pressure in the house...

It might also be worth mentioning that the first time I went to adjust the water pressure to reduce it, the adjustment screw was screwed all the way in, and I did read somewhere that you should not bottom out the screw. Could that point more to the PRV as the failure? How could I isolate between the PRV and the tank?
I was thinking of just turning off the water heater for a day when we're out of the house. I can then get a plot of my water pressure throughout the day with the phyn plus. If the water pressure is consistent throughout the day with the water heater off, I think that would point to a faulty expansion tank. If the water pressure still jumps all over then it would be the PRV. Does this seem like valid reasoning?
1 - 5 of 8 Posts
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