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question on prepping exterior

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I am getting ready to prep a area to paint it, I can tell that when I blast it with a pressure washer or scrape it I am going to have areas where there is bare wood, does that mean I should be primming the whole area I am painting? I went to Sherwin williams and got oil based primmer and latex paint for a area I have already done but on that area I had the wood just about bare.
I have seen the term (spot primming) is that something I would want to do or is that kind of cutting cornners, I am planning on being in this house for many years to come so I dont want to do any thing that is going to cut life or quality off my paint job.
Thanks, Doug
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All areas to be painted should be primed.

Power washing is a risky way to prep.
For the sake of clarifying my statement. If you are getting down to bare wood with your pressure washer take great care not to gouge your wood.

Also, make sure your bare wood is entirely dry before you start trying to prime.

Good luck.
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