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Question on 220 outlet

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Looking to install a 220 outlet and not sure exactly which wire I should run. It’s going to be on a 50amp breaker. I will be using the outlet for my tig welder and a oven every once in a while. Do I need 6/3 or would 6/2 work? Thanks
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What type of plug will you need?
You say your uncertain if you need 6/2 or 6/3, the second digit there is the number of conductors.
How long is the run?
It’s about a 5 foot run. I’m not sure exactly on the plug yet. The welder is 2 with a ground, but not sure on the oven yet. Haven’t purchased it. Can ovens be wired 2 hots with a ground or do they need a neutral?
If it will also serve a range, you need 6/3 with ground. The welder will not use the neutral, but the range will.
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