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Question about Mixing PEX-B Brands - Need to Connect Refrigerator Line

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I have a refrigerator ice maker that I would like to connect. There is a 3/8" Zurn PEX-B line that comes in under my sink. It's a far run, so I guess that's why 3/8" was used instead of 1/4". The existing pipes are 1/2" copper. I had originally planned to hire a plumber for this, but I have no idea when I'll finally be able to get one. My main concern is about making all of the connections. I'm not comfortable sweating copper in such a tight spot, so I was going to use a Sharkbite 1/2x1/2x3/8 tee. I'll have a plumber solder a permanent connection once I can get one. From the Sharkbite tee, I will have to add a small piece of the Zurn PEX and then use a 90 crimp elbow. At the refrigerator side, I found a Viega ice maker box that has a 3/8" crimp connection instead of the standard 1/2". The problem is that Zurn doesn't seem to make any of the components that I need. Can I safely use a Viega PEX-B ice maker box with Zurn PEX-B? I would have to get Viega crimp rings and also a Viega crimp tool.

I'm open to any options that would work. I just happened to see that Viega had the parts that I needed. I appreciate any assistance/advice!
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