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question about Masonite exterior doors sold at home depot

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Im looking to replace a couple garage doors. they are the exterior doors on the side of the garage that go from outside into the garage.

Looking at home depot website, I see this prehung door

in their description they state that the door is a Sta Tru plus door.

looking at masonites product comparison I see the Sta Tru door line and it looks pretty good. here is a link to that comparison of their lines of steel doors.

my problem is that Utility grade door on masonites comparison page. Even though home depot is saying Sta Tru on their description, I wonder if it is really a utility grade door. I tried searching Masonite website for the manufactures model number that home depot gives in their description, but it turns up no search results.

I'm installong one door that looks like a standard fit, but the other door I am having a carpenter install, because there is some structural modifications thatneed to be made with the header, and one of the sides that has water damage. He is the one who said check out the doors at home depot, but wasnts to charge $1000 for the work, and he is paying for the door.

any input on this? I need to make a decision pretty fast.

-thank you
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Without seeing the existing door frame with the damage and other repairs needed, your contractor may have it correct. $1000 is a little steep compared to what our contractors quote, but depending what the door needs to be rated for can alter the price. I understand you are in need of a commercial grade door. Home depot is good, I would say to check Lowes also. Depending on your purpose for the door, solid hard wood doors are very durable and last a long time. Shop around a little if you have time.

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