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Question about Installing Aprilaire Humidifer

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I am planning to install an Aprilaire humidifier today, and I have a couple of questions:

1. What type of screws should I use for joining the ductwork and mounting the humidifer frame to the ductwork (size, length, etc)? I thought that I should use some type of self-tapping, but I was looking at the ones in my existing ductwork and they did not appear to be.

2. Should I use HVAC tape or silicone at the various joints, or does it not matter?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Use #8 self taping Robertsons. You can also get hex head ones and you need a driver for them.

Silver foil tape is what I use to seal joints.

Both should be available at HDepot

For best results use hot water for it BUT you need 1/4" copper tubing unless they say the plastic tube they give you is rated for hot water.

If not it will get soft and burst.

HDepot has 1/4" copper tubing and you need a tube cutter for it.


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