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The plumbers installed all our plumbing in our walk in shower, now we are putting cement board up before the schluter shower system goes in, the plumber installed the plumbing so that it can be adjusted (moved forward or back) from access behind wall, once tile is installed. Our question is about the black traingular plaster guard that is over the valves... do we remove it and cement board around the valves or do we leave it in place and cement board around the black plastic, leaving it exposed, if so do we remove it and use it as a pattern on cement board and then replace it back over valves, from what we read on moen instructions we are not sure what to do. The moen instructions are confusing ... to say the least!
If you leave it in place and cement board up to it, what is going over it?

The schluter - kerdi system is going in after cement board, should we use a plastic vapor barrier over the valve/plumbing area etc before cement board, we used it every where else but not sure about over plumbing.


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