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I'm in middle of remodeling my kitchen, and would like to have a frosted glass backsplash. I have cabinets above that I (DIY) frosted, by putting a film from a graphics' shop over regular glass. I would like to match the same effect from countertops to under cabinets. I'm not sure if I should be getting a quote for frosted glass, matte or etched. Any help here?

I'm also trying to decide if the glass should be tempered. I have a 17" x 86" piece, with 3 cutouts for electrical outlets.

I also have a 4 3/4 x 31" piece that needs an outlet and a switch box (both turned sideways) cut out. It would only leave about an inch above and an inch below the outlet cutout, and I was told that when tempered it would "blow up" at that spot.

I'm worried if I don't have it tempered, and a pot or pan hits it that it will break. The glass will be mounted right onto sheetrock. Should I be worried, or just go with a 1/4" or 3/8" piece of glass (not tempered) and move on?

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You can just use 1/4" glass, and if it's backed up by the drywall, it's pretty hard to break. It would have to take a good smack. Most glass will break from some stress on the edges, and break from there.

I've made 1/4" mirror and plain glass bar tops in commercial establishments that survived not getting broken.

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