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Question about furnace

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Remodeling house, right now the only thing running is a Burnham pvg furnace that supplies hot water heat to baseboards and radiant, with an indirect hot water heater for domestic hot water. Since this was installed, the electric bill has doubled. This doesn't seem normal.
Can someone suggest what may be causing the spike in electric usage? I think something is wrong. Thanks.
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Maybe focus on remaining electric baseboard. When one level was replaced, did it cause a complication? Is 'other level' remaining overly hot?

Shut down baseboard by breaker if possible and leave doors open so efficient furnace could temporarily heat whole house? Then check usage.

Could a neighbor be tapping in by extension cord?
OP stated at one point:
"Has there been a change to the heat emitters (radiators, etc.)? Are the same areas of the house being heated using the same emitters?"

OP: One level is now hydronic radiant heat, whereas before it was baseboard. Other level is still baseboard. I was told this would use LESS energy. Biggest change is pipes went from copper to pex.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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